David Leonard is an artist examining the fringes of technology, current events, journalism and the aesthetic representation of narratives.

Drawing from a rich well of creative and professional experience, Leonard collaborates with brands, R&D labs, Healthcare organizations, and technologists to build rich narrative media, includes viral videos, virtual , augmented and enviornmental reality experiences to reach diverse audiences.

Throughout his youth in Los Angeles Leonard documented and wrote for local news outlets, covering the LA Riots, the O.J. Simpson trial and other game-changing events of the 1990s.

After experimenting with stand-up comedy and performance, he found a place in broadcast television news as a reporter and multimedia . His stories have appeared on ABC, CBS, CNN, Chinese Central Television and Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report".

Leonard accentuates his career with an art practice.  His series of vacuum-formed works, produced at Warner Bros. Studio in Burbank, CA, distort reality through various media channels, incorporating mechanical and digital processes.

Leonard earned a Masters in Fine Art from the University of California, and continues to conduct lectures and workshops, in the Media Design Practices Graduate Program at Art Center College of Design, the Arts and Architecture Department at UCLA, Caltech , and has exhibited work at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles (2011), Pro Choice in Vienna (2011), What Pipeline in Detroit (2014), Bergen Kunsthall in Bergen (2014), Art Basel (2015), Neue Alte Bruecke in Frankfort (2015), Minerva in Sydney(2016), Ars Electronica in Linz (2019), Sundance Institute (2022),  Deutsches Hygiene-Museum 2022.